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Welcome to the Open Agency OlymPICS blog, a collection of photographs that document the changing face of London (and beyond) as the country looks forward to the forthcoming Games.

Having first noticed a shop in Stratford (east London) that changed its name from ‘Office Furniture’ to ‘Olympic Furniture’, we began tracking down all other ‘Olympic’ businesses that are not officially linked to the Games, but have definitely been influenced by them.

It seems that many of its neighbours have now followed suit, and the whole of the UK is going Olympic crazy (or at least the east end of London).

From Olympic Kebab Shop to Olympic Sewing Machines, Olympic Hand Car Wash to Olympic Skips, the collection continues to grow.

This may not be the ‘legacy’ that Lord Coe had in mind, but hey, the Olympics are for everyone after all.

If you are out and about, and come across 'Olympic Pet Shop', 'Olympic Beauty Salon' or anything similar, please let us know and we'll be out of the blocks faster than Usain Bolt.
Open Agency Tumblr Blog
The 2012 Olympics Blog has been set up by Open Agency. Whether its design, the Olympics, or other things in life, we like to look at things differently.
Open Agency Tumblr Blog
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